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Master of Ergonomic Comfort – NeueChair Computer/Office Chair Review

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We are going through the build and design, all the features, all the ergonomics and even other luxury office chair price comparisons to see whether the Neue chair is worth the money you are paying for it.

Build and Design

Building the chair is quite easy, it comes in 3 main parts and it take about 20 minutes to build.

Frame is made ABC 12 Aluminum which means its super modern and super durable. It should rust or dent easily.

The obsidian version which has a layer of industrial plating on it making it extra durable and ultra-corrosion resistant copes well in humid environments but it costs more.

The chair uses the three layered NeueMesh that won’t sag on you over time protecting the furniture of the chair and your back.

The touch and feel are very plasticky but smooth at the same time.

To maintain it is very easy, you can just use a damp cloth to wipe it unlike the PU leather or fabric which stains, peels or even cracks on you.

 The chair is very breathable and comfortable. There is no any single point of pressure which is very important when you are experiencing pain in your tail bone.


The is quite ergonomic and makes you sit upright. Here are components that that happen:

  1. The lumber support can move in and out and up and down so you can adjust it fully to your spine curvature.
  2. On the left of the chair there is a button that can move the seat in and out
  3.  With the back tilt open, it allows you to not just sit in a straight up posture reducing the tension of the back tilt.
  4. You can lock the back rest at a posture you feel comfortable at by using the tilt limiter under the left arm rest.
  5. You can also adjust the height of the chair using a control panel located under the right armrest.
  6. The RS are quite beefy and pretty substantial and flexible made of soft rubber. They can tilt inwards or outwards and you can also level them up with the table making them quite useful and classy.   


No matter how much pressure you exert on it, how rough you get on it can’t budge and get you on the floor or even break easily. Its wheels are rubber coated making it easy to move and very silent.


The Vertagear is strikingly similar in design with the Neue with just a few differences with aesthetics and manufacturing processes. The vertagear has chairs that cost $799 – $999 and an option of adding a headrest for $129.

The Herman Miller Aaron Chair’s base model has no adjustability all. It costs $820 – $1215 before tax.    

Ikea Markus has adjustable backrest, standard adjustable height, and a lumber support. It cost $199.

Costco of course can also tilt but has one lock position. It has standard adjustable height and arm rests can move up and down. The seat does not shift in and out. It costs $60 – $80.

The Secretlab Omega costing about $330 – $350 can go all the way up to $900 if u want to get a fancy leather version. It has a ton of adjustability, doesn’t have a integrated lumber support and the look is not as clean as the Neue chair but it is still comfortable and it raises to the top where you can rest your head and has a neck pillow to reduce the neck and shoulder strain.


Build quality and comfort is stellar

Very ergonomic and classy.

Very stable.

It is advisable add a head rest to help reduce neck and shoulder strain.

The Vertagear is similar in design but I would advice you to go for the Neue costing a a few hundred bucks less selling at $549 – $649.

Instead of going for the un adjustable but expensive Herman Miller Aaron chair which is almost doble the price of the Neue which has more adjustability its just logic sticking with the Neue.

The Ikea Markus is a fine chair but it is worth it paying the extra dollars for the extra comfy and class that comes with the Neue.

All in all, considering some market prices of luxury office chairs, the Neue is priced fairly with that has a stunning look with its aluminum frame, quality material that can last long and a great level of adjustability still has room for improvement.

Definitely it delivers your money’s worth.

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