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Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)

This network is used by WLAN-enabled devices to connect to the internet or a local network, such as an office intranet.

The signal strength transmitted by these WLAN devices varies and does not guarantee the same coverage area. This connectivity difference is influenced by a variety of factors, including but not limited to indoor/outdoor placement, floor level, etc. Since WLAN communication heavily relies on radio frequency, its signal can fluctuate, especially if there are obstacles in its transmission path.

WLAN interference should be taken into account when planning for good signal performance. Some of the factors that can cause such interference include:

Environmental factors like lighting and fog can weaken the WLAN signal passing through them.
Physical and electronic objects, including household appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, cordless phones, wireless monitors, etc.
Other networks. For example, if you live in a densely populated area, there’s a possibility that your neighbors are also using WLAN, and your networks may overlap. Consequently, interference from surrounding networks can disrupt your WLAN range.
One of the best ways to avoid these interferences is to use WiFi-friendly devices and gadgets that can work with WLAN rather than against it. Additionally, ensure that your router firmware is up to date – this can sometimes help resolve minor issues.

Furthermore, secure your WLAN network access with a strong password. Avoid using too obvious passwords, and it shouldn’t be too difficult to remember, either. This will help prevent data theft that may be possible for users in networks with disabled encryption.

It’s also recommended to use a dual-band router that supports simultaneous 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz signal transmission. This will provide multiple channels for receiving and transmitting data with less interference.

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