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The Yamaha YC88.

Introducing the Yamaha YC88, a stage keyboard designed to provide an unmatched experience for pianists seeking the feel of a grand piano with the versatility of a digital keyboard.

The Key Features of the Yamaha YC88 Stage Keyboard:

  • Natural Wood with Triple Sensor Action: The YC88 features natural wood keys with graded action, replicating the weight and response of a grand piano. It includes a triple sensor action for enhanced responsiveness, providing the touch of a Yamaha acoustic piano.
  • Versatile Sound Library: The YC88 offers a wide range of premium keyboard sounds, including authentic Yamaha grand and upright pianos, electric pianos, tonewheel organs with rotary speakers, synthesizers, acoustic sounds, and more. The Virtual Circuitry Modeling (VCM) technology accurately recreates vintage analog EQs, compressors, and phasers for a rich and authentic sound experience.
  • VCM Organ Engine: Yamaha has designed a powerful organ engine specifically for the YC88, offering three organ vintages with customizable parameters. Players can adjust key click, leakage, rotary speaker speed, and more to achieve their desired organ tones.
  • VCM Effects: The YC88 features Virtual Circuitry Modeling (VCM) effects, recreating the sound and behavior of vintage effects and high-end studio signal processors at the component level. This allows for a wide range of sonic possibilities.
  • FM Organ: A unique addition to the YC88 is the FM Organ feature, bringing FM synthesis to the organ sound. Users can control 8 FM Operators with drawbars, providing a pure sound with massive low-end and the ability to recreate classic transistor organ tones.
  • Drawbars with LED Light Color Customization: The nine drawbars on the YC88 have the footages and ratcheting expected in an organ. Transparent drawbar stops with customizable LED light colors make it easy to differentiate between upper and lower configurations when playing in split mode.
  • Direct and Immediate Sound Control: The YC88’s intuitive interface allows for fast and easy splits, layers, and sound-shaping directly from the front panel, avoiding the need for complex menus and making sound adjustments more efficient during performances.
  • Durability and Portability: Yamaha has designed the YC88 to be durable and road-ready, suitable for gigging musicians. Its rugged construction ensures that it can withstand the demands of constant use and transportation.
  • USB Stereo Audio and MIDI Interface: The YC88 features a built-in USB stereo audio and MIDI interface, enabling seamless integration with computers and iOS devices. Users can record audio and MIDI to a DAW and play and monitor virtual instruments using a single USB cable.
  • Studio Rotary Speaker (OS v1.2): The OS v1.2 update introduces a new “Studio” Rotary Speaker profile with wider stereo field, increased low rotor and high horn separation, and increased presence, making it even more versatile for various performance situations.



  1. Natural Feel and Response: The inclusion of natural wood keys with graded action, along with the triple sensor action, provides an authentic piano feel and responsiveness that professional pianists require for expressive playing.
  2. Versatile Sound Library: The YC88’s extensive sound library covers a wide range of instruments, including grand pianos, electric pianos, organs, synthesizers, and more. This versatility allows professionals to create diverse sounds and adapt to various musical genres and performance settings.
  3. VCM Technology: The Virtual Circuitry Modeling (VCM) technology used in the YC88 accurately emulates vintage analog equipment, resulting in premium-quality sound effects and signal processing. This attention to detail contributes to a professional-grade sound palette.
  4. FM Organ Synthesis: The addition of FM Organ synthesis introduces a unique element to the keyboard’s capabilities, appealing to professional musicians who seek innovative and distinct tones for their performances.
  5. Customizable Drawbars and LED Lights: The transparent drawbars with customizable LED light colors offer practical visual feedback, making it easier for professionals to quickly access and control organ parameters during live performances.
  6. Direct Sound Control: The YC88’s intuitive interface enables professionals to make immediate sound adjustments on the front panel, eliminating the need to navigate through complex menus. This feature is especially crucial during fast-paced live performances.
  7. Durability and Portability: The YC88’s robust construction and road-ready design ensure that it can withstand the rigors of touring and regular live performances, making it a reliable choice for professional musicians.
  8. USB Audio and MIDI Integration: The built-in USB stereo audio and MIDI interface allow professionals to seamlessly connect the keyboard to computers and recording equipment, making it convenient for recording, composing, and integrating virtual instruments.



  • Sound Selection: Familiarize yourself with the vast sound library and experiment with different sounds to find the ones that best suit your musical style and performance context.
  • Touch Sensitivity: Take advantage of the natural wood keys and graded action by adjusting the touch sensitivity settings to match your playing style and dynamics.
  • Sound Layering and Splitting: Explore the options for layering multiple sounds or splitting the keyboard to play different sounds on different parts of the keyboard. This can enhance your performance and create more complex musical textures.
  • Drawbar Customization: Make use of the customizable LED light colors on the transparent drawbars to differentiate between upper and lower configurations when using the organ sounds.
  • Direct Sound Control: Utilize the intuitive front panel controls for quick adjustments during performances. Familiarize yourself with the control layout to make on-the-fly changes seamlessly.
  • FM Organ and Rotary Speaker: Experiment with the FM Organ synthesis and the various rotary speaker profiles to discover unique and expressive organ tones that can add character to your music.
  • USB Interface: Take advantage of the built-in USB stereo audio and MIDI interface to connect the keyboard to your computer or recording setup for capturing your performances, composing, and integrating virtual instruments.
  • Portability and Durability: While the YC88 is designed to be robust and portable, consider how you’ll transport and protect it, especially during tours and live performances.
  • Sound Check: Before any performance, ensure that you’ve thoroughly checked and adjusted your chosen sounds, effects, and settings to match the venue’s acoustics and your desired sound.



  • Sustain Pedal: A quality sustain pedal adds expressive control to your playing, allowing you to sustain notes and create dynamic changes in your performance.
  • Expression Pedal: An expression pedal can be used to control parameters like volume, modulation, and more, adding extra versatility to your playing.
  • MIDI Controller: Consider using an additional MIDI controller to expand your playing options and control external synthesizers or software instruments alongside the YC88.
  • Monitor Speakers or In-Ear Monitors: For live performances, having a reliable monitoring system ensures you can hear yourself clearly on stage, helping you stay in sync with the band and maintain your performance quality.
  • Headphones: High-quality headphones are useful for practice and sound-checks, allowing you to fine-tune your sound without disturbing others.
  • iPad/Tablet Holder: If you plan to use iOS apps for recording, sound processing, or sheet music, a tablet holder attached to your keyboard stand can be very handy.
  • USB Hub: If you need to connect multiple USB devices like a computer, MIDI controller, or other peripherals, a USB hub can expand your connectivity options.
  • Power Conditioner: A power conditioner helps protect your equipment from power surges and ensures clean and consistent power, which is crucial for maintaining the YC88’s performance quality.
  • Footswitches: Footswitches can be used to control functions like changing sounds, triggering effects, or switching between presets without needing to take your hands off the keyboard.
  • Microphone and Mic Stand: If you sing or need to address the audience, having a microphone and a stable mic stand can be essential.
  • Cables: Ensure you have high-quality audio and MIDI cables for connecting the YC88 to other devices in your setup.
  • LED Lights: In darker environments, LED lights can help you see the control panel clearly, allowing you to make adjustments without difficulty.
  • Power Backup: Consider having a power backup solution, such as a battery pack or uninterruptible power supply (UPS), to prevent interruptions during performances due to power outages.


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