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The HP DesignJet T2600 36′ PostScript Multifunction Color Printer.

The HP DesignJet T2600 36′ PostScript Multifunction Colour Printer (model number 3XB78A) is a versatile large-format printer that offers a range of functions including printing, copying, and scanning. It is designed to provide efficient and collaborative printing solutions for various professional needs.

Key Features:

  • Compact and Collaborative Design: The printer is designed to create efficient teams with its compact and quiet Multifunction Printer (MFP) capabilities. It supports collaboration with its smart interface and access to shared folders, making it easier for teams to work together.
  • Fast Print Speed: The printer boasts the fastest print speed of up to 180 A1/hr (19.3 seconds per A1 sheet), allowing you to meet deadlines more effectively.
  • Automatic Print Stacking: The printer offers the only automatic print stacking feature, which can help streamline the printing process and save time when dealing with large print jobs.
  • Security Measures: The printer utilizes dynamic security measures to ensure that it only works with cartridges containing an HP chip, whether new or reused. Periodic firmware updates maintain the effectiveness of these security measures, preventing the use of cartridges with non-HP chips.
  • Seamless Experience: The printer features a smart 15.6-inch interface that provides a simple and intuitive experience. It supports easy PDF printing with HP Click and enables collaborative workstyles by allowing teams to access shared folders for printing and scanning. Additionally, you can print and share jobs from the cloud using the HP Smart app on your mobile device.
  • Secure Printing: The printer is touted as the world’s most secure large-format printer, featuring HP Secure Boot and whitelisting for network protection. It offers secure user authentication to control access to the printer and its confidential documents. The HP JetAdvantage Security Manager helps maintain fleet security.
  • Print Quality and Versatility: The printer uses HP Thermal Inkjet technology and offers print quality of up to 2400 x 1200 optimized dpi. It supports a wide range of print languages, including Adobe PostScript 3, Adobe PDF 1.7, HP-GL/2, HP-RTL, TIFF, JPEG, and CALS G4. The printer uses 6 ink cartridges (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Gray, Photo Black, Matte Black) with a mix of dye-based and pigment-based inks.
  • High Accuracy: The printer provides a high level of line accuracy with a deviation of only ±0.1%.
  • Scanner: The multifunction capabilities include a sheetfed Contact Image Sensor (CIS) scanner that offers optical scan resolutions of up to 600 dpi. It supports color and greyscale scanning and copying.
  • Connectivity: The printer comes with standard connectivity options, including Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi (with optional Jetdirect accessory), and various network protocols. It supports a range of print drivers for different operating systems.
  • Media Handling: The printer supports a variety of media types and sizes, with a maximum media width of 914 mm. It has an integrated output stacker, a media bin, and an automatic horizontal cutter for finished output handling.
  • Energy Efficiency: The printer is Energy Star certified, and its power consumption varies based on the operation mode.


Factors that Contribute to its Professional Nature:

  • Large-Format Capability: The printer’s ability to handle large-format prints up to 914 mm in width makes it suitable for professionals in industries such as architecture, engineering, and graphic design, where larger prints are often required for plans, blueprints, posters, and other visual materials.
  • High Print Quality: The printer’s capability to deliver up to 2400 x 1200 optimized dpi print resolution ensures that the output is of high quality and suitable for professional presentations, visualizations, and client deliverables.
  • Fast Print Speed: With a print speed of up to 180 A1/hr (19.3 seconds per A1 sheet), the printer allows professionals to complete projects quickly, meeting tight deadlines without compromising quality.
  • Versatile Media Handling: The printer’s ability to handle various media types and sizes, including bond paper, coated paper, film, photographic paper, and more, provides professionals with the flexibility to choose the right media for their specific projects.
  • Advanced Connectivity: The printer supports Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and various network protocols, ensuring seamless integration into professional IT environments. This connectivity allows multiple users to access the printer and send print jobs from different devices.
  • Collaborative Features: The printer’s smart interface and support for shared folders enable collaborative workstyles, where teams can easily access and print documents from shared locations, enhancing efficiency and teamwork.
  • Mobile Printing: The printer’s compatibility with mobile devices and the HP Smart app allows professionals to print and share documents directly from their smartphones or tablets, enabling productivity on the go.
  • Scanner Functionality: The built-in sheetfed scanner with high optical scan resolution (up to 600 dpi) allows professionals to digitize physical documents accurately, facilitating efficient document management and archiving.
  • Professional Software Support: The printer comes with software tools like HP Click, HP Web Jetadmin, and HP JetAdvantage Security Manager, which cater to professional workflows, help manage the printer fleet, and enhance security.
  • Energy Efficiency: The Energy Star certification and the printer’s power-saving features align with the sustainability practices often observed in professional environments.
  • Ease of Use: Despite its professional capabilities, the printer features a smart interface and user-friendly software tools, making it accessible to a range of users, from novices to experienced professionals.
  • Automatic Print Stacking: The printer’s automatic print stacking feature is particularly beneficial for professionals dealing with large print runs, as it reduces the need for manual intervention during printing.


Aspects to Consider When using the HP DesignJet T2600 36′:

  • Media Selection: Choose the appropriate media type and size for your specific project. Ensure that the media you use is compatible with the printer’s specifications to achieve the desired print quality and prevent potential issues like paper jams.
  • Print Settings: Configure the print settings based on the type of document you’re printing. Adjust parameters such as print quality, color settings, and scaling to achieve the desired output. Experiment with different settings to find the best balance between quality and speed.
  • Color Calibration: Calibrate the printer to ensure consistent and accurate color reproduction. Regularly calibrating the printer helps maintain color accuracy across different print jobs and avoids color discrepancies.
  • Driver Selection: Choose the appropriate printer driver based on the software and operating system you’re using. Different drivers may offer varying levels of control and compatibility.
  • File Preparation: Prepare your files properly before sending them to the printer. Ensure they are in the correct format (PDF, PostScript, etc.) and properly scaled to match the desired print size.
  • Security Measures: If your organization uses reused HP chips to enable the use of remanufactured cartridges, be aware of the periodic firmware updates that maintain security measures. Stay informed about these updates to prevent any disruptions to your printing process.
  • Regular Maintenance: Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for regular maintenance. Clean the printer’s interior, printheads, and rollers to prevent dust buildup and ensure consistent print quality.
  • Firmware Updates: Stay up to date with firmware updates provided by HP. These updates can introduce new features, enhancements, and security improvements. Regularly check for updates to keep your printer running optimally.
  • Security Protocols: If your organization requires heightened security, configure user authentication and network security features to ensure that only authorized individuals can access and use the printer.
  • Support and Maintenance: Have a plan in place for technical support and maintenance. If issues arise, having access to technical assistance and replacement parts can minimize downtime and disruptions.


Complementing Accessories:

  • Roll Media Spindle: An additional roll media spindle allows you to preload different types of media, reducing the need to switch out rolls frequently and enhancing workflow efficiency.
  • Printer Stand and Media Bin: The printer stand and media bin that come with the printer provide convenient storage for rolls of media and finished prints. If you have high-volume printing needs, having extra stands and bins can help you organize and manage your output more effectively.
  • Extra Printheads: Having spare printheads on hand ensures that you can quickly replace them when needed, minimizing downtime and maintaining consistent print quality.
  • Ink Cartridges: Stocking up on replacement ink cartridges, both dye-based and pigment-based, ensures that you always have a ready supply for your printing needs.
  • Jetdirect Accessory (if not built-in): If your printer does not have built-in Wi-Fi, a Jetdirect accessory can provide wireless connectivity, allowing for easy printing from multiple devices without the need for direct connections.
  • Roll Holder Upgrade Kit: If you work with various media types that require different core sizes, a roll holder upgrade kit can enable you to use rolls with varying core diameters.
  • Mobile Stands and Workstations: To create a more ergonomic and organized workspace, consider investing in mobile stands or workstations designed to accommodate the printer, media rolls, and other accessories.
  • Color Calibration Tools: Professional color calibration tools can help you achieve precise and consistent color output across different devices, ensuring accurate color representation in your prints.
  • Large-Format Paper Trimmer/Cutter: If you often print posters or large-format graphics, a paper trimmer or cutter can help you neatly cut and finish your prints to the desired size.
  • Additional Memory: If you’re dealing with complex and memory-intensive print jobs, adding extra memory to the printer can improve processing speed and handle larger files more efficiently.


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