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Solar generators

When you find yourself in a location without access to the power grid but still want to have electric light or charge your smartphone, solar generators are a good solution.

Solar generators are a complete solution consisting of a charge controller, battery, and inverter. Add a suitable solar panel, and you have a small solar power system that provides electricity for essential needs. Thanks to today’s LED technology, you can generate light for quite a while.

However, standard commercial solar generators may not be sufficient for cooking with electricity. For that purpose, you would need larger and consequently heavier models with more output power and battery capacity. If you require this capability, you should consider investing in a traditional photovoltaic system.

Personally, I purchased a Sunbird Solarpod 240 with a foldable Sunbird solar panel for a friend in Africa. This setup is sufficient, especially in those latitudes, to provide enough light for reading or work on a daily basis (see photos).

Thanks to LiPo technology, which gives the solar generator relatively low weight compared to lead-acid batteries, this system could also be transported by regular airplane.

It’s important to note that solar generators come with different output voltages and sockets, typically 230 or 110 volts and with country-specific connectors. Therefore, it’s essential to determine your specific needs beforehand.

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