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RTX 4060 in an Office Computer is Kinda Awesome!

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Having a hp CPU worth $360 with the following specs,

400-Watt power supply

i5 6500 6 Gen which is a four core 4 thread

GPU RTX 2060



RTX 2060

Let’s say you got rid of the RTX 2060 and replaced it with RTX 4060 then you sold it for 130 bucks on eBay then you deduct it from the $360 price you paid for the hp, you are down to $230, throw in a 300 graphics card for up to $530 then test its performance with some games that support frame generation and also some Esports tiles and compare it to the RTX 2060 and see whether the upgrade is worth it or there are bottlenecks.

When playing Apex legends at the same settings before, 1080p, you don’t realy have much ending besides Nvidia reflex.

At medium settings, you get 100 FPS, about 190 watts and the RTX 4060 PULLS ABOUT 80 watts TO 90 watts, the i5 is at 100, that is a little bit less than before, the GPS could carry a little bit more so you could run 1440p high resolution and push the RTX 4060 more than the i5.

Playing Cyberpunk to test what 1080p vs 1440p would be like.

 Running 1080p, no upscaling anything just running high settings. You get 60 FPS a bit higher and some latency. The performance is not significantly better vs the 4060 TI with the Fortune i5 because from like the 2nd Gen to the 6th Gen there was improvements for the CPUs.

When you go ahead and enable the dlss frame generation, where by you have to turn on the GPU Hardware scheduling in Windows, it feels a lot smoother and the FPS numbers are not significantly higher you get about 40 – 50 FPS, latency stays a bit lower.

Going to ultra-performance, you no major difference, you get CP bottle, 120 watts, the game looks horrible and rough. So not a great experience, still happens with the RTX 4060 TI.

Moving to 4K gaming, and leaving ultra-performance, it is good and gets to 70 to 80 FPS. 4K performs better than 1080p.


It performs pretty good with RTX 4060. It runs pretty smooth even when playing at different maps and you get almost 100FPS more at times

One thing you could do is if you have one of these towers and maybe like a sixth Gen i7 you have four cores and eight threads you may even have a better experience because you would be less cp balling.  still be bottleneck because you are running gen 3 and an older CPU.

To have a better experience it is advisable to have an i7, it limits bottlenecks.

People might not be happy about the pricing of the physical hardware but the technology with dlss and FSR is where you can play all these games comfortably having no real problems.

Through the benchmark we find that with dlss and the combination of trying to reduce bottlenecks and putting the load on the RTX 4060 we get a performance increase over RTX 2060.

It is recommendable to have one of these cards though here are better cards.

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