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Key Features:

  • Supports Appliance Mode (no PC required) and USB Mode for video conferencing applications. o Compatible with Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android, Zoom Room, RingCentral Rooms, Tencent Meeting Rooms, and more.
  • Built-in components: 6 beamforming microphones, PTZ camera, 3 speakers, AI Viewfinder, cable management, and retention system. o AI-powered RightSenseâ„¢ Technologies for auto-framing, auto-leveling voices, and noise suppression.
  • Displays supported: 2 (up to 1080p resolution). o Network Protocol Support: IPv4, IPv6. o Proxy Support: IP-based, FQDN-based, Proxy using PAC file. o Interfaces: HDMI Out (2), HDMI In (1), MAC (3x Type A, 1x Type C), Network (10/100/1G Ethernet), WiFi (802.11a/b/g/n/ac), External Mic Input (supports optional Rally Mic Pods).
  • Remote Control: Bluetooth® Low Energy. o Power supply: Auto-sensing with 100-240V, 19V, 4.74A. o Microphones with beamforming elements, noise suppression, and adaptive acoustic broadside beams.
  • Add-on Mics support for larger conference rooms. o Enclosure design with integrated table stand and speaker suspension system to eliminate vibration-induced camera shake and audio interference.


Complementing Peripherals and Accesories:

  • Additional Rally Mic Pods: If you have larger conference rooms or need to accommodate more participants, adding Rally Mic Pods can extend the microphone coverage and ensure everyone’s voice is picked up clearly.
  • Rally Mic Pod Hub: The Rally Mic Pod Hub allows you to connect and manage multiple Rally Mic Pods simultaneously, providing greater scalability for larger meetings.
  • External Display: Consider using an external display in addition to the built-in displays supported by the device. An external display can be used for content sharing, presentation materials, or displaying additional participants’ video feeds.
  • Webcam Privacy Cover: To address privacy concerns, use a webcam privacy cover to physically block the camera when it’s not in use, ensuring no unauthorized access to the video feed.
  • Wireless Keyboard and Mouse: If you’re using the device in appliance mode and want to control the connected video conferencing software more conveniently, a wireless keyboard and mouse can be helpful.
  • Headsets: In case you need private conversations or better audio isolation, participants can use headsets or headphones with built-in microphones.
  • External Speakers: For larger rooms with challenging acoustics, you may consider adding external speakers to enhance audio quality and ensure everyone hears clearly.
  • Ethernet Cable: If you have the option, using a wired Ethernet connection can provide more stable and reliable network connectivity compared to Wi-Fi.
  • USB Hub: If you have several USB peripherals to connect, a USB hub can provide additional ports and simplify the cable management.
  • Document Cameras: In some scenarios, a document camera can be useful for displaying physical documents or objects during presentations.



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