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Fed up with multifunction printers

Recently, my MFC printer gave out on me. It simply refused to start up anymore. Now I had to decide on buying a new printer since repairing it hardly seemed worthwhile, and the warranty has expired.

It’s a pity, especially for the whole scanning unit, which would still be functional. And once again, so much waste… I’m somehow fed up with such things. So, I’ve opted for a color laser printer without a scanning unit. If I need to scan, I’ll do it using a tablet or a separate scanner unit.

In general, I believe investing in laser printers for the office is more worthwhile compared to inkjet printers. No more dried-up ink cartridges and cleaner prints. Of course, there are exceptions, but I think inkjet printers mainly score with their low prices but are more of a short-term disposable product.

For larger offices, I can definitely see the usefulness and necessity of a multifunction center, but for a home office, I no longer see it that way.

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