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Canon imagePRESS C270 Series.

The Canon imagePRESS C270 Series is a line of A3 color laser multifunctional printers designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses and professionals who require high-quality printing, copying, scanning, and optional faxing capabilities. This series is known for its advanced features, robust performance, and versatile options for various document workflows.

 key Features of the Canon imagePRESS C270 Series:

  • Core Functions: The imagePRESS C270 Series serves as a comprehensive solution for various document processing tasks, including printing, copying, scanning, sending, storing, and optional faxing.
  • Processor and Control Panel: Equipped with a powerful 1.8GHz dual-core processor, the printer delivers fast processing speeds for efficient document handling. The 10.1-inch TFT LCD WSVGA color touch panel provides an intuitive interface for easy navigation and control.
  • Memory and Storage: With 5.0GB of standard RAM and ample storage options, including a 256GB SSD (with an optional 1TB SSD), the printer can handle complex tasks and store documents for quick access.
  • Connectivity: The printer offers versatile connectivity options, including Ethernet, wireless LAN, USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, and optional Bluetooth Low Energy. It supports various network protocols for seamless integration into existing workflows.
  • Paper Handling: The series comes with extensive paper handling capabilities. The standard paper supply capacity is 3,550 sheets, with options to expand up to 7,050 sheets with additional paper decks. The printer supports various paper sizes and types, including envelopes.
  • Print Speed and Quality: The imagePRESS C270 Series can print at speeds of up to 65/70 pages per minute (A4, color/BW) with a print resolution of 2,400 x 2,400 dpi. This ensures sharp and vibrant color output for professional-quality documents.
  • Mobile and Cloud Printing: The printer supports various mobile and cloud printing options, including AirPrint, Mopria, Canon PRINT Business, uniFLOW Online, and Universal Print, enabling users to print from mobile devices and cloud-based services.
  • Finishing Capabilities: The series offers a range of finishing options, such as collating, grouping, offsetting, stapling, saddle stitching, hole punching, and more. These features allow users to produce professionally finished documents in-house.
  • Security Features: Security is a priority in the imagePRESS C270 Series. It includes features like user authentication, network security protocols (TLS, IPSec, IEEE802.1X), data encryption, secure watermarking, and more to safeguard sensitive information.
  • Scan and Send: The series supports advanced scanning capabilities, including single-pass duplex scanning, various scan resolutions, and compatibility with multiple scan destinations, such as email, network folders, and cloud services.
  • Optional Accessories: Users can enhance the capabilities of the printer with various optional accessories, such as finishers, paper folding units, document insertion units, hole punchers, and more.
  • Environmental Considerations: The printer is designed to meet environmental standards, including Lot26 regulation. It operates within specific temperature and humidity ranges, contributing to energy efficiency.


Factors that Make The Canon imagePRESS C270 Series is considered a Professional-grade Printer:

  • Print Quality: Professional printers are expected to deliver exceptional print quality, and the imagePRESS C270 Series meets this expectation with its high print resolution of 2,400 x 2,400 dpi. This ensures that text is sharp, colors are vibrant, and images are detailed, making it suitable for producing marketing materials, presentations, and other professional documents.
  • Speed and Efficiency: The series offers impressive print speeds of up to 65/70 pages per minute (A4, color/BW). This level of speed is crucial for businesses that require quick turnaround times for their printing tasks, reducing waiting times and increasing overall productivity.
  • Paper Handling and Finishing: Professional printers need to handle various paper sizes, types, and finishing options. The imagePRESS C270 Series supports a wide range of paper handling options, from standard sizes to envelopes, and offers finishing capabilities like stapling, hole punching, and saddle stitching. This versatility allows businesses to create polished and well-finished documents in-house.
  • Advanced Scanning and Document Handling: The professional environment often involves complex document workflows that require efficient scanning and document management. The imagePRESS C270 Series offers advanced scanning features such as single-pass duplex scanning, high scan resolutions, and compatibility with multiple scan destinations, making it suitable for digitizing and managing documents effectively.
  • Connectivity and Integration: Professional printers need to seamlessly integrate into existing workflows and network environments. The imagePRESS C270 Series supports various connectivity options, including Ethernet, wireless LAN, USB, and cloud printing services. This facilitates easy sharing of the printer across teams and departments.
  • Security Features: Professional environments handle sensitive information, and the imagePRESS C270 Series addresses this need with robust security features. User authentication, data encryption, secure watermarking, and network security protocols ensure that confidential data remains protected.
  • Customization and Control: The series offers an intuitive touch panel interface and customizable settings that allow users to tailor print jobs to their specific requirements. This level of control is essential in a professional setting where documents may have unique formatting or finishing needs.
  • Reliability and Durability: Professional printers are expected to be highly reliable and durable to handle the heavy workload of business operations. The imagePRESS C270 Series is built to withstand consistent use and deliver consistent results over time.
  • Support and Maintenance: Professional printers often come with comprehensive support and maintenance options to ensure uninterrupted operation. Canon’s reputation for customer support and service contributes to the professional nature of the imagePRESS C270 Series.
  • Optional Accessories and Upgrades: To meet the varied needs of different businesses, the imagePRESS C270 Series offers a range of optional accessories and upgrades that enhance its functionality. This adaptability ensures that the printer can be tailored to specific professional requirements.


Aspects to Consider When using the Canon imagePRESS C270 Series:

  • Media Type and Quality: Consider the type and quality of media (paper, envelopes, labels) you’re using. Ensure that the media is compatible with the printer’s specifications and recommended by Canon. Using low-quality or incompatible media can lead to paper jams, reduced print quality, and even damage to the printer.
  • Print Settings: Adjust print settings according to the type of document you’re printing. Choose the appropriate print quality (draft, standard, high) and color settings (color, black and white) based on the nature of your print job. This not only affects the quality of the output but also influences the speed and cost of printing.
  • Color Calibration: Periodically calibrate the printer for color accuracy. This is especially important if you’re producing color-critical materials like marketing collateral or photographs. Color calibration ensures consistent and accurate color reproduction across different print jobs.
  • Maintenance Routine: Follow the recommended maintenance routine provided by Canon. This includes cleaning printheads, rollers, and other components at specified intervals. Regular maintenance prevents dust buildup, reduces the risk of paper jams, and extends the printer’s lifespan.
  • Firmware Updates: Keep the printer’s firmware up to date. Manufacturers like Canon often release firmware updates that improve performance, add features, and address security vulnerabilities. Regularly check for and install these updates.
  • Security Measures: If the printer is connected to a network, implement security measures to protect sensitive data. Enable user authentication, encryption, and firewall settings to prevent unauthorized access and data breaches.
  • Workflow Optimization: Integrate the printer into your workflow efficiently. Utilize its scanning capabilities to digitize documents and streamline document management. Explore software solutions that can help you manage print queues, track usage, and allocate printing resources effectively.
  • Energy Efficiency: Configure the printer’s energy-saving settings to reduce power consumption when not in use. This not only saves energy but also extends the printer’s lifespan.
  • Paper Handling: Load paper and other media correctly in the trays and bypass feeder. Ensure that the media is aligned properly to avoid jams and misfeeds. Adjust paper guides to match the size of the media you’re using.
  • Regular Usage: Print regularly to prevent the printheads from drying out. If the printer remains idle for extended periods, the printheads can become clogged, affecting print quality. If possible, perform a test print or nozzle check to ensure the printheads are functioning properly.
  • User Training: Provide proper training to the users who will operate the printer. This includes understanding the printer’s controls, settings, and maintenance procedures. Proper training can prevent operational errors that might lead to issues.
  • Supplies and Consumables: Use genuine Canon supplies, such as toner cartridges and maintenance kits. Non-genuine supplies can result in poor print quality, component damage, and voiding of warranties.
  • Monitoring and Reporting: If available, utilize the printer’s monitoring and reporting features. This can help you track usage, identify issues, and optimize print resources over time.


complementing accessories:

  • Paper Trays and Feeders: Additional paper trays and feeders allow you to load different types of media or larger quantities of paper, reducing the need for frequent refilling and enhancing workflow efficiency.
  • Stapler Finisher: A stapler finisher accessory can automate the stapling of printed documents, creating professional-looking booklets, brochures, and reports without manual intervention.
  • Booklet Maker: This accessory folds and staples printed sheets to create booklet-style documents. It’s especially useful for creating marketing materials, newsletters, and presentations.
  • Hole Punch Unit: If you often produce documents that need to be filed in binders, a hole punch unit can automatically punch holes in the appropriate locations, saving time and effort.
  • Envelope Feeder: For businesses that frequently send mailings or invitations, an envelope feeder can simplify the process of printing on envelopes, ensuring accurate alignment and print quality.
  • High-Capacity Stacker: This accessory collects and stacks a larger number of printed pages, ideal for high-volume printing environments where efficiency is crucial.
  • External Fiery Print Server: An external Fiery print server can enhance color management, job processing, and overall print performance, especially in graphics-intensive workflows.
  • Hard Drive Kit: Adding an internal hard drive to the printer can facilitate secure print storage, retrieval, and on-demand printing of frequently used documents.
  • USB Keyboard: A USB keyboard can make it easier to enter data or naming conventions directly at the printer’s control panel.
  • Mobile Printing Solutions: Consider mobile printing accessories that enable wireless printing from smartphones and tablets, enhancing convenience and flexibility in today’s mobile work environments.
  • Document Scanner: If the printer’s scanning capabilities aren’t sufficient for your needs, an external document scanner can provide high-speed, high-quality scanning for digitizing large volumes of documents.
  • Security Accessories: Enhance the printer’s security with accessories such as secure card readers for user authentication, or encrypted hard drives to protect sensitive print data.
  • Maintenance Kits: Stock up on maintenance kits, cleaning supplies, and replacement parts to ensure uninterrupted printer performance and longevity.
  • Rolling Stand: If you need to move the printer around your workspace, a rolling stand can provide mobility while ensuring stability.
  • Color Calibration Tools: Consider color calibration tools and devices to ensure consistent and accurate color reproduction across different print jobs.


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