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Can Tablets Replace Laptops? – I Tried for 7 Days

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Th line between laptops and tablets is beginning to blur. On the shelfs you can find laptops with removeable keyboards and tablets with added keyboards but these are still very different devices. Are they interchangeable?

There are some things that can work well in a tablet some better and others that can’t work at all. we are going to experiment on three main things that is productive work like video editing, casual use and travelling and see what works and what does not work.

Productive Setting.


The benefits of using a tablet in a productive setting are not limited to one.

First, because the keyboard is detachable and the pen is really nice you are able to write, draw and sign documents on the tab. This is still possible with laptops but you have the keyboard on your way and the laptop pens are not as good as the tablet ones as they have a slower latency and not as good functionality.

Unlike laptops, you wouldn’t have a problem with fans starting to get loud and making noise when you are in a quiet environment. depending on the laptop that you have it can be frequent or less frequent. The sounds tablets can have can either be from the vibration motor or the speakers which are both completely controllable.

Most of the hot keys you see on windows or mac do work on tablets, you can copy paste and so on.


There are quite a few drawbacks:

Especially with an android tablet, instead of using explorer or finder they have my files which makes it really hard to navigate and manage your files.

Keyboard and the track pad are a little bit limiting, not only are they small but they are also not that great. They can reduce your typing speed by about 20% and never feels nice when you are typing documents.

General android tablets do not have optimized apps, besides Microsoft, google and Samsung apps you don’t really get anything great here. Photoshop might work all right but you can’t edit videos.

Unlike laptops, tablets do have only one port for every function, so you either plug and unplug things very frequently or you have to get a dongle.


The overall size of a tablet is perfect for the back of an airplane seat, it also fits in a backpack really well. So, portability is actually a huge advantage of using a tab when travelling.

The ability to disconnect the keyboard makes it perfect for an airplane seat if you want to watch a video and you don’t want a keyboard sticking out in your lap.

You can use a GPS in a tablet when in a car something that a laptop doesn’t have.

Casual Use.

For anyone looking to change from using a laptop to a tablet this is the main category you will be most interested in.

From android or iOS, you are going to get apps like snapchat, Instagram, tick tock and more for casual use at night but cannot get on your laptop. This is really a big advantage.

On an android tablet you have nearby share which can enable you airdrop things. It is a convenient way to send photos and stuff around, something you cannot do using a windows laptop.

On a tablet you can have all the standards things like ultra-wide camera, wide angle lens, flashlight, screen recording. all built in there, things that laptops obviously don’t have.

Tablets have haptic feedback like vibrations when you get notifications, something you don’t have on a laptop.

Google chrome works but to have a good experience you have to change your settings to laptop mode because the default works like a mobile website, so you find using chrome in a laptop is much better.

You can’t use chrome extensions on tablets too.


Overall, you can be pretty productive with a tablet but you are going to be limited but fewer ports unless you get a dongle, a lot of software will also limit you unless you are doing a lot of documents and excel type of work.

When using a tablet, it is recommendable to use the native browser in there like Samsung internet which mech more optimized for a tablet and for dex mode.

The storage for base model for tabs is 128GB which is base model for many laptops as well. No big problem with storage, it is advisable to upgrade to cloud storage if you run out of storage space.

If you are just looking to do budgeting, taxes and the basic everyday at home laptop work you can absolutely replace your laptop.

If you do hardcore productive stuff like editing videos, premier pro kind of stuff then you can’t replace your laptop with a tablet, you will face a lot of limitations.

As an ICT practitioner and event equipment technician he sets up electronics and offers recommendations on the perfect equipment for any event, or home and office electronics set up.

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